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Wii Cure Through PLAY MOTION

Research shows even mild excersize can help improve mood, boost confidence and reduce fatigue. Using the Nintendo Wii and thier unique control system we intend to bring improvement with arm motion and body motion where possible.


Listening to your doctor is the #1 priority during treatment. But new and exciting natural treatments are found everyday for pain relief and treatment. Spreading information and awareness is critical in improving success in treatment.


We all know what the pink ribbon in October is for but how many people know that September is Child Cancer awareness month and that the color for that ribbon is gold. Awareness must be raised if we are to meet the #1 killer of children and save more children.


Donating blood saves lives. This fact is more important than ever during cancer treatment. The very therapy that helps destroy cancer cells lowers the body's ability to produce its own blood cells. It is often nessasary to give one, two, or many more transfusions during treatment to save the life of the cancer patient. We will be working with Blood donation organizations to stage blood donation events hoping to make a difference.